Personal Profile

I am 46 years old. Married to my wife Tricia. family photoWe have been together for 23 years. We have one child Alex who is 15 years old. Alex attends Marlborough Boy’s College.

We moved to Marlborough almost thirteen years ago to be closer to Tricia’s family. Tricia grew up in Marlborough and did all her schooling here.

I worked in banking for 22 years. Firstly for the National Bank and then for SBS Bank. I had a client genral 1variety of roles but primarily worked as a Business Banking Manager and Branch Manager. In 2010 I left the Bank and took up the role of General Manager of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce. Upon leaving the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce in 2013 I was elected to the Marlborough District Council.

Tricia and I also ownHarold - blurred faces and operate a training company called Gist Communication Services Ltd which has offices in Blenheim and Nelson. I also do work as an energy broker.

I have also worked actively in the community and was a member and Past President of the Blenheim Rotary Club, and was lead evaluator locally for the charity United Way. I am currently a trustee of the Marlborough Life Education Trust.

training for masters with AlexWhen I have free time I love spending it with my family, I share a passion for athletics with my son Alex, we train at the gym together and in the athletics season travel the country attending events.  Whilst I can’t say I am an elite athlete I really enjoy participating with friends and family.